When it’s over for summer:

When it’s August and you start thinking about your friends and how cool you’re going to act and your first day outfit:

When you finally go back, after a few days:

The Sims

Playing the game:

Killing sims for fun:

Your favorite sim dies:

Buying a new expansion:

Finding some really good custom content:

The ice cream truck

I’ve grown up in rural Maine, and we’ve never had an ice cream truck.  But this summer I’ve been hearing it.

I’m never expecting it. I’m just sifting through Tumblr.  And then I hear it.

I excitedly run around the house, looking for money.

I am so looking forward to eating that freaking ice cream!

Then as I am about to head out the door, dollars in hand, the music fades into the distance.

Looking at the notes on your posts.

1 or 2 notes: 5 notes: 12 notes: Then you have that one post that gets like 200 notes:

When your family is around


and you’re scrolling through your dash and you see something hilarious

and then you see something sad

and then you see something appalling and you can’t contain yourself

and then something inappropriate comes up and in your head your like

and you have to get out of there quickly

and then you act like nothing happened

(Source: rivertakesmanhattan)

Going to do your history reading homework

Then realizing half of every page is pictures.

Sleeping really good and late.

So you’re getting a really great sleep.  Like, “I HAVE NEVER SLEPT SO WELL!”

You’re dreaming all these crazy things, like Nazis painting the ground red or getting addicted to some kind of licorice flavored sports drink.

Then someone comes in your room and asks you something, which you totally don’t understand in your current state. You’re just like, “mhhmm, whatever”.

Then when you wake up you’re like, “What just happened?”

So you go back to sleep.

I am not a dog person.

I don’t hate dogs, I just don’t understand them or enjoy their saliva.

So when a dog comes up to me, I’m like,

They stare at me as if to say, “Y u no pet me?”

So I make an awkward attempt at petting them, and wonder why people like to do this.

Then the dog feels it needs to lick the crap out of my arms and legs, and maybe jump on me just for giggles. 

So I feebly attempt to push it away until its owner comes over and saves me.

Going to A Friend’s House

What you think will happen:

What really happens:

Watching the Lion King

Songs like “Circle of Life” and “Just Can’t Wait to be King”:

When Simba and Mufasa cuddle:

When Mufasa dies:

When Simba is left for dead:

When Pumba is singing about his gas issues:

When Simba and Nala fall in love:

When Simba realizes his destiny:

Scar gets eaten by hyenas:

When they show Simba’s baby: